Alhamdulillah tahun ini 30 tahun sudah saya menjalani hidup. Banyak pengalaman suka maupun duka yang telah dialami. Teruntuk diriku yang telah setia menemaniku dalam keadaan apapun, terima kasih ya. Masih banyak perjalanan hidup yang perlu kita lalui, ayo kita melangkah lagi bersiap menuju level kehidupan yang lebih jauh.

Krisna birthday

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My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I was getting old in a number but still young in my soul. Thas’s the life should be, hahahaha.

Last night in the cold of weather, I sit in the chair with the calm atmosphere, watch a sky full of stars. Suddenly I got a bucket in full of water ice, flush on my body. Jeburrr… O my God I was shock. “Hey what happen?” Then I realize this is my birthday. My friends gave me a surprise. Hahaha, sure I’m happy. But.. Water ice in the cold of night. I coldness! But with this moment, coldness is nothing. I said very very thank you for the surprise brothers and thanks to all crew Garasi. By the way, people didn’t wrong to guess my years old, altough they miss it’s just a little. So I dressed with the right should be I must looked. Haha..

Krisna's Birthday