RIP My Albopilosum

About 5 days ago, I saw a curious posture on my Albo. His legs is curl into below his carapace. I don’t know what he’s doing, maybe he just a rest. Day by day I watch his posture keep in that and then I realize there was something wrong. I make so close so I can make sure what the exactly was happen. “Wait.. shit!, is that an ants?” I shocked. OMG the swarm of ant attack my Albo. My Albo didn’t move. For make sure, I capture the picture then send to my friend that known tarantula very well. I ask to her, “Is this dead?”, “Yes he is. The tarantula was dehydration”, she said. Then I know that one of my tarantula was die. Rest in Peace My Albopilosum.

This is the last picture when he in curl positon.

RIP Albopilosum

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