Why I Choose Tarantula

I choose tarantula as my pet, this is the reason why:

  • unique
  • exotic
  • simple & easy maintenance
  • I like the way they hunting and also the web
  • a cool display pet
  • make me adrenaline when rehousing the T especially the aggressive one

And for the first my tarantula, I keep Lasiodora parahybana. Many T keepers known that LP is one of good beginner tarantula. He has a fast growth, defensive temperament, aggressive eating, one of biggest tarantula (3rd after Theraphosa blondi) up to 22 cm. If you would like a huge tarantula that is easy to care for. You can searching the care sheet for guide.


L. parahybana with leg span 6 cm

And the second one, I keep Brachipelma albopilosum also known as Curly Hair. The hairs on the legs and abdomen are curled. This is a docile species. Good for beginner too.


B. albopilosum with leg span 2 cm

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