Review Kitkat Update for Zenfone 4

Yesterday, my Zenfone 4 got notification update to Kitkat. Today my device has been updated. Let’s see what the update give with this 545 MB file size.


Android version

My first impression is, when boot up, Android font has change. Then I got home screen, nothing big change is here. Icon in the status bar change it’s color with flat design pallet color.
ASUS gave some added feature to this update and some application. I think it’s useful enough except Quick Memo and Supernote. I can’t see the big different, the function is the same. Oh now with cloud printing service!, and also didn’t forget with my favourite feature: Time Lapse in video mode.


Cloud printing service


My favourite feature: Time Lapse!

And how about the performance? Based on my usability, this update (Kitkat) consume low RAM usage and more sleek, fluid, lightweight with awesome animation from material design.


Easy mode in Zenfone

That’s review from me for now. I will review again if required.
Thanks for reading my review. If any question, don’t hesitate to ask.

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